Blanche Schuchardt

Blanche Schuchardt

Head Coach

In fitness industry for 7 years, with 8 years of life coach experience prior. Started Rooted Strength, LLC in May of 2020.


GGS-1 | CPPC | HMCC | pursuing PN1 |

Year long mentorship through Active Life with the focus on breathwork + grading back into fitness post hiatus or injury.

About Coach

Hey - I'm B.

Owner of Rooted Strength Studio + here to say you can.

You can build strength that lasts, feel good + move well.

I started my career in 2018 with prenatal training and have grown to helping women of all stages pursue rooted and resilient strength.

Turning Point

My turning point was having 3 kids in four years and trying to navigate the pre and postnatal care in America. Coming out of this season, I wanted to become the coach I never had. This led me into spending the next 5 years learning how to help women build strength in their season.

Motivation & Passion

I'm passionate about flipping the narrative of women's health from fear, confusion + loss to confidence, strength and growth.